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19 Aug

How to Control Your Dog Boundaries With an Invisible Fence

How to Control Your Dog Boundaries With an Invisible Fence

What is a wireless dog fence or invisible fence?

A wireless dog fence is a device that sets an invisible parameter in place done through a wireless signal. Once the signal is passed it will generate an electric signal to your dog's waterproof collar that will generate a mild shock to the dog. The shock won't do any damage but will become uncomfortable. The dog will learn rather quickly on how to avoid the shocks by not crossing the line.


The units usually cover a specific area and for a single dog but additional collars can be purchased as well. If the distance is an issue you can often purchase range extenders that will help protect a larger area for your pet.


Safety of your dog

Sometimes fences can not be a boundary when it comes to your dog. They can break the fence, dig underneath the fence or more. Once the fence is compromised so is the safety of your dog. A wireless Dog Fence can be set in place to help keep your pet in a safe place. Away from traffic, other dogs or potential thieves.


Sometimes a fence isn't the answer

This is often a case more often than not. Your dog is already housed inside a fence and doesn't get out or escape but often decides to go over to your garden and use your beautiful roses as his, or her, playpen and destroys them. Or, your pet wants to wander into another area and use your external patio chairs as his chewing toy.


You don't want to add another fence to protect the roses or patio furniture. This can become not only costly but defeats the purpose of displaying your beautiful roses or garden. An invisible dog fence can quickly teach your pet the areas that are not ok to explore. Protecting your garden and/or furniture and providing you the peace of mind.


There are a lot of reasons and benefits to having an invisible fence. Check out the benefits and see if it is something that can help you today!

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